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Throwing a party for a group of oenophiles? Brady’s Wine Warehouse can help you look good.

Brady’s offers the best selection of wines at the best prices. And while many caterers and event venues markup wine and liquor in line with restaurant margins, with Brady’s Wine Warehouse, you only pay typical retail margins, which is usually 1/3 to 1/2 cheaper. They build each quote individually, based on what you tell them you want.

While you can certainly buy inexpensive cases of wine from the grocery store or a discount club, chances are your guests are familiar with those labels and know what they cost. Brady’s is always looking for what's new and unknown in the market, so that you can still pay grocery store prices, but end up with a label and a wine that looks and drinks like you spent much more money.

Brady’s invites you to grab life by the stem and contact them today.

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