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Houmas House Mansion and Gardens

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Whether you’re exchanging vows or just vowing to throw the best party ever, Houmas House Mansion and Gardens never disappoints. Just over an hour from New Orleans, “The Crown Jewel of Louisiana’s River Road” is miles away from ordinary. 

Houmas House gives you several options for your party, reception, luncheon, gala or corporate event. The Great Lawn in front of the mansion is perfect for large events such as company picnics or big weddings. Few sights are lovelier than a bride walking up the 350-foot aisle in the Cathedral of Oaks. Other settings for your soirée include the Hampton Court Fountain, named for Revolutionary War General Wade Hampton who purchased the property in 1810. Worried about the weather? Even in the warmest and colder temperatures, the climate-controlled Pavilion offers spectacular views of the Gardens and Fountain. More options include the Croquet Lawn, where you’ll find yourself surrounded by ancient oaks and the Wysteria Arbor. For an intimate garden setting, opt for The Dragonfly Point. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a Claude Monet painting. Neptune’s Ballroom and Neptune’s Courtyard is the ideal set up for an indoor event you want to take outside. And the two octagonal garçonnières, where young gentlemen were housed in the old days, are available for events as well.

Houmas House Restaurants

Two of the three restaurants on the Houmas House property are also popular for parties. Your guests can dine like a sugar baron at Latil’s Landing one of the “Top 20 Restaurants in America.” Along with lunch and dinner, Chef Joseph Dicapo offers a lovely Sunday brunch that’s perfect for birthdays, wedding and baby showers. You’ll find the Carriage House Restaurant absolutely enchanting as well. For an appetizer, ask for a history lesson. And The Wine Cellars of Houmas House is an inspired place to toast to friends or your company’s success.

Igniting Your Imagination

There is nothing the staff at Houmas House hasn’t done or can’t do. This team will impress you every bit as much as the surroundings. For photos, an event guide and more, visit

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Capacity &  Dimensions

Houmas House Mansion and Gardens
16 acres
Accommodates 3,000 - 4,000 guests

The Grand Lawns of Houmas House
300,000 square feet of space (nearly 7 acres)
Accommodates several thousand guests
Cathedral of Oaks can seat 300 guests at one long banquet table

The Hampton Fountain Court
Accommodates 300 (175 for dinner)

Croquet Lawn
150,000 square feet

Neptune’s Ballroom and Neptune Courtyard
2,500 square-foot ballroom

Accommodates 500 (350 for dinner)
6,000 square feet of space with ceiling heights of 12 to 14 feet

The Dragonfly Point

Latil’s Landing
Accommodates up to 120 guests in 5 different rooms

Carriage House

The Wine Cellars of Houmas House

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