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Cafe Carmo's L'Entrepot

Venue Details

Airy. Light-filled. Sophisticated yet inviting. Welcome to Cafe Carmo's L’Entrepot. An open floor plan, vaulted ceiling, and clean, modern interiors make this a creative choice for your event in New Orleans’ trendy Arts Warehouse District. Want to show a video or slide show? L’Entrepot Cinema is ideal.

Another top feature of L'Entrepot is the catering. Chef Dana Honn, from award-winning Cafe Carmo, creates unique tropical dishes your guests will text home about, including delicious options for your vegan and vegetarian guests. Let her customize a menu for you.

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Capacity &  Dimensions

Main Gallery

1,600 square feet with 30-foot vaulted ceilings, large sliding wall panels

L’Entrepot Cinema

100+ seat facility 

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