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Tap into the uniqueness of New Orleans with a party or event at the award-winning NOLA Brewery, serving up a good time and great locally brewed beers for any occasion including yours.

NOLA Brewery can accommodate anywhere from 30 to 600 of your closest family and friends for a wedding reception, bachelor party, bridal shower, birthday, reunion, retirement celebration, Mardi Gras party, crawfish boil or any other excuse you can think of to have a party.

Located in the Irish Channel of New Orleans, the Brewery Space was made for large groups. You can also rent the Original Tasting Room or the whole Second Floor and Balcony of the Tap Room. When you hold your event here, your guests know they’re going to have a good time. You can even treat your group to a tour of the brewery. Plus, NOLA Brewery can help you plan the perfect event on any budget.

If you could bottle the spirit of New Orleans, this is what it would taste like. Check out their website to find out more. NOLA Brewery. Brewed with love. Brewed in New Orleans. 


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Capacity &  Dimensions

Original Tasting Room: 20-50 guests

Brewery Space: 300 guests

Second Floor and Balcony of Tap Room: 150 guests 

**Can accommodate parties for over 1000 guests on entire property.

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